Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook shadow profiles

Zuckerberg denies knowledge of Facebook shadow profiles
From TechCrunch - April 11, 2018

The fact that Facebookprobably has a profile of you whether youre a Facebook user or not might come as a surprise to some users, though today even the companys chief executive denied knowledge of the practiceor at least the term used to describe it.

In this mornings hearing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee, New Mexico Representative Ben Lujan cornered Mark Zuckerbergwith a question about so-called shadow profilesthe term often used to refer to the data that Facebook collects on non-users and other hidden data that Facebook holds but does not offer openly on the site for users to see.

In one of the handful of slightly candid moments of the past few days, Rep. Lujan pressed Zuckerberg on the practice today:

Lujan: Facebook has detailed profiles on people who have never signed up for Facebook, yes or no?

Zuckerberg: Congressman, in general we collect data on people who have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes to prevent the kind of scraping you were just referring to [reverse searches based on public info like phone numbers].

Lujan: So these are called shadow profiles, is that what theyve been referred to by some?

Zuckerberg: Congressman, Im not, Im not familiar with that.

Lujan: Ill refer to them as shadow profiles for todays hearing. On average, how many data points does Facebook have on each Facebook user?

Zuckerberg: I do not know off the top of my head.

Lujan: Do you know how many points of data Facebook has on the average non-Facebook user?


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