Here are Mark Zuckerberg's notes from today's hearing

Here are Mark Zuckerberg's notes from today's hearing
From TechCrunch - April 10, 2018

FacebooksMark Zuckerbergpulled off a smooth appearance in a joint Senate hearing today, dodging most questions while maintaining an adequately patient vibe through five hours of varied but mostly tame questioning.

The chief executive avoided admitting that Facebook is a publisher or a monopoly, refused to commit to any meaningful legislation and respectfully addressed lawmakers over a nearly five hour marathon testimony.

Still, he did make one rookie mistake.

Zuckerberg left his hearing notes open in front of his seat for long enough for AP Photographer Andrew Harnik to snap a high resolution shot with talking points in plain view. Twitter users and journalists scanning photos from the courtroom as they hit the wire were quick to notice, the irony of the minor privacy invasion not lost on them.

Most of the notes cover points that we heard Zuckerberg repeat during the course of the hearing, but there are a few more candid statements that didnt come up. The notes also provide a glimpse into what lines of questioning Facebook expected. For one, they expected Congress might demand his resignation.

Below weve listed the subheadings on his notes in bold with any interesting bullet points pulled out. Our partial transcript retains the original emphasis from the document. Thoughweve italicized what was underlined, bold lettering is retained.

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