Mobcrush flips the switch on monetization with new ad platform

Mobcrush flips the switch on monetization with new ad platform
From TechCrunch - March 6, 2018

Mobcrush, the unified mobile gaming streaming service for Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube, is shaking its moneymaker for the first time with the unveiling of its advertising platform.

Theres what youre able to do while begging for tips and subscriptions and then theres being able to connect with real brands, says Mobcrushs shade-throwing founder Royce Disini.

For Mobcrushs executive duo of Disini and chief executive Mike Wann, the problem for most streaming celebrities is that they either have the success, adoration and adulation that comes with streaming to millions of game-watching fans or theyre getting nothing for the time and toil theyre putting in beating the buttons on their controllers.

The big guys were getting all of the brand dollars and the guys in the middle werent getting anything, says Wann.

With 800,000 people on the Mobcrush platform streaming their game playing live across the various social networks theyve used to build their audience, the company is now beginning to turn on its advertising revenue.

We are slowly onboarding creators to go live in the platform to Go Live, Get Paid, says Wann. The new toolkit allows Mobcrush to authenticate a gamers audience across all of their social platforms and match that gamer with a brand hoping to reach whatever demographic happens to be watching the button masher mash buttons.

Broadcast in Mobcrush and be able to reach all of your accounts, says Wann, pitching directly to an audience Ill never even begin to comprehend.

For Wann, the goal is to reach the gaming personalities that exist in that twilight world of neither being a star nor a nobody, but only someone people think they know from the way their face is illuminated by a consoles glow.

These are the players who have 20,000 fans on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but had no way to reach all of them simultaneously in a form that could appeal to whatever brand theyd want to shill for simultaneously.

Players who stream on the Mobcrush platform can make anywhere from $15 to $2500 per-hour for live streaming their gameplay.

The payout is determined based on the total aggregate social reach a stream reaches and the interaction rate between a gamer and their audience for a single stream.


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