Role of the respiratory system in the excretion process in man & Respiration in plant

From Online Sciences - December 30, 2017

Human body contains a system that is responsible for the extractions of oxygen from the air , and then transfers it to the blood , then to the cells of the body , this system is called respiratory system , Respiratory system in man consists of many organs , each one is suited to perform its function , as follows :

Respiration in man

Nose or mouth : The air enters the body through the nose or the mouth , but it is preferable ( from the hygienic point of view ) for air to enter through the nose , because it is a warm passage , as it is lined with numerous blood capillaries , It is moist , as it secretes mucus , It serves as a filter , because it contains hairs which act as filters .

Pharynx : Air passes through it which is the common passageway for both air and food .

Larynx : The air enters the trachea through it and it is known as the voice box .

Trachea :

Lungs : Each animal including man possesses two lungs , a right lung and a left lung , They are characterized by having a large surface through which gas exchange occurs , Each lung consists of a group of alveoli that are connected to the bronchioles and the surrounding blood capillaries .

Functional suitability of alveoli

Role of the respiratory system in the excretion process

Respiration in plant

Respiration in vascular plants

Methods of CO2 expelling to outside ( that is produced from the respiration :
Relation between photosynthesis and respiration in plant


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