Facebook, Google and others join The Trust Project, an effort to increase transparency around online news

Facebook, Google and others join The Trust Project, an effort to increase transparency around online news
From TechCrunch - November 16, 2017

Fake news and other misinformation,online propaganda, and satirical content people believe is true have filled the web via search engines and social media, and have caused a rift in how people perceive todays news organizations and the quality of their coverage. A nonpartisan effort called The Trust Project is working to address this situation by helping online usersdistinguish between reliable journalism and promotional content or misinformation.

Today, a key part of that effortcalled Trust Indicatorsare going live on Facebook, offering easy-to-access, transparent information about a news organizations ethics and practices.

Heres how this will work in practice: starting today on Facebook, an icon will appear next to articles in the News Feed. When you click on this icon, you can read information the publisher has shared related to theirorganizations ethics and other standards, the journalists backgrounds, and how they do their work, according to an announcement from The Trust Project.

Facebook, Google, Bing and Twitter have all committed to displaying these indicators, though not all implementations are yet live.

On Google, the Trust Indicators will appear within Google News, Google Search, and in other Google products where news is found, the company explained in a blog post today. However, Google says its still determining how exactly the Indicators will be displayed.

The Trust Project itself was started by journalist Sally Lehrman of Santa Clara Universitys Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and is funded by Craigslist founder Craig Newmarks Philanthropic Fund, Google, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Democracy Fund, and the Markkula Foundation.

In todays digitized and socially networked world, its harder than ever to tell whats accurate reporting, advertising, or even misinformation, Lehrman said, in a statement. An increasingly skeptical public wants to know the expertise, enterprise and ethics behind a news story. The Trust Indicators put tools into peoples hands, giving them the means to assess whether news comes from a credible source they can depend on.

Specifically, The Trust Project has released eight Trust Indicators created by leaders from over 75 news organizations that will offer additional transparency about an organizations ethics and practices.

These are as follows:


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