Periscope ups payouts to broadcasters on sales of Super Hearts, adds holiday bonuses

Periscope ups payouts to broadcasters on sales of Super Hearts, adds holiday bonuses
From TechCrunch - November 1, 2017

Twitters Periscope is going after live broadcasters in a big way, as its now promising to give back more of their earnings from the sales of Super Hearts in their live video streams.

Introduced in June, Super Hearts are in-app virtual goods that offer a form of virtual tipping.

The idea is similar to Twitchs orYouTubes emotes, but instead of custom emoji, Periscopes version offers fans the option to send different versions of the animated heart icon that can be shared by fans during video broadcasts.

At launch, Periscope offered three kinds of Super Hearts, including cheaper basic hearts covered in plus signs, a sparkly mid-range heart, and more expensive ones that included fans faces and that would explode. The program has since added one more heart type, a waving hand. Fans buy virtual coins to pay for Super Hearts through in-app purchases.

When Super Hearts were announced, Periscope said it would pay video creators 70 percent of the cash value for Super Hearts, and retain 30 percent for itselfafter first accounting for the 30 percent tax that goes to Apple and Google on in-app transactions, of course.

Today, those payouts are changing.

Now the company says those in its Super Broadcaster program will retain all their earnings, minus a $1 administration fee, from the sales of Super Hearts. The $1 fee goes towards continual operation of the Super Hearts feature and will help offset the costs of monthly payment processing, says Periscope. (The company will first pay Apple and Google its 30 percent in-app purchase fee, as before, ahead of the payouts to broadcasters.)

To kick off these new payouts, Periscope is also offering holiday bonuses to broadcasters during the months of November and December which take into account the Super Hearts coin value. (For every Super Heart a broadcaster receives, its coin value translates to cash they can later withdraw.)

During this month and December, those who earn one million or more stars per month will be offered a $100 bonus. Those who earn 3 million stars or more can earn an additional $250, for a potential total of $350 in bonus money. These bonuses will be calculated based on monthly earnings during the two months only, and will not include any pre-existing star balance.


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