Box's dalliance with AI foretells a broader shift in content management

Box's dalliance with AI foretells a broader shift in content management
From TechCrunch - October 12, 2017

As Box CEO Aaron Levie pointed out at his BoxWorks keynote this week, content management has been an evolving field since it came into being as an enterprise software concept in the 1990s.

Back in those days, the state of the art was network drives. As content spread across the organization, we saw the rise of enterprise content management. Later file sharing tools developed and finally the cloud came along and really allowed companies and individuals to share content inside and outside the organization in a much more modern mobile context.

Somewhere in the middle of that evolution Box launched and really blew up enterprise content management as we had known it, which for the most part was really about protecting content inside the firewall. As Levie told me in an interview around 2011, when the smartphone came along, and later the iPad, it really changed everything. Suddenly content was in in motion and content management needed to shift to protecting content on the move.

Only one content management vendor was really in a position to do that at the time, and that was Box, a company that was born in the cloud and understood the mobile-cloud connection much better than than its legacy counterparts who were caught flat-footed and forced to play catch-up.

This week at BoxWorks, the companys customer conference, Box announced the next fundamental shift in content management, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract meaning from the content.

Attacking the new content problem

This not only changes the entire approach to managing content, it solves a fundamental content management conundrumthe more content you have, the harder it is to manage. By applying machine learning, which thrives on more content, Box is attacking the content volume problem.

Levie certainly saw the magnitude of todays announcements and its overall impact on the industry moving forward.Its really a significant moment for us in terms of changing the direction for cloud content management and starting to imagine how we work with information and data using intelligence. In many respects, what we showed today is really the very early stages of how this technology will be used, Levie told TechCrunch

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