My new favorite Twitter habit is saving me so much heartache

My new favorite Twitter habit is saving me so much heartache
From TechCrunch - October 14, 2017

I have a new habit.

It quenches a thirst. It soothes a weakened, battered piece of my psyche. It repairs my wounds and unleashes me, more powerful, into my day. It fulfills the saddest, most regrettable pieces of myself.

It may also be a habit that you want to pick up. You too may find that this simple step into the breach of social engagement online can make you Fitter. Happier. More productive. But this isnt about you. Its about me me and my new habit.

From the start, its important that you know that I dont really have the luxury of purging myself from social media. I like to think Im the kind of person who would retreat from all of it and live in the moment, depending on the internet only when necessary, when the left brain is making a calculation and requires data. But Ive never been free of the excuse that I have to be on Twitter for work.

Ive retreated from Facebook and Instagram. They are still on my phone, but I check Facebook very rarely (my long-distance friends dont love this) and I am on Instagram less and less since that filthy algorithmic feed was introduced.

Twitter, however, has grown increasingly important in my world. Of course, the tech world has adopted and sustained Twitter through thick and thin. We remain, we have our own insanely insular conversations, and we spend a considerable amount of our day wading through a rapid current of information, from the insults to the clapbacks to the breaking news to the late takes to the shade to the #truth.

Since the death of Google Reader, the most reliable place to filter breaking news is Twitter.

And so I stay.

And I, like 328 million others, witness the carnage of public discourse.

The horror.

Twitter is a big pile of hate. It doesnt take long to understand the extent.

Just look at Google searches around Twitter hate and Twitter abuse in the news section. The EU has had enough. Democrats in the US Congress have had enough. Weve all had enough.

When I see hatred paired with ignorance so equally, as is often the case on Twitter, its incredibly difficult to resist the urge to argue.


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