Twitter users join 24hr boycott to protest online harassment

Twitter users join 24hr boycott to protest online harassment
From TechCrunch - October 13, 2017

A number of Twitter users are joining in a 24 hour boycott of the platform today, organized around the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter, to draw attention to online harassment on social media, including how womens voices are silenced by bullying and abuse.

The boycott follows the temporary suspension of actress Rose McGowans Twitter account earlier this week after she had been tweeting about sexual violence against women, and specifically about the allegations coming out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Twitter yesterday claimed McGowans suspension was the result of her disclosing a phone number in one of her tweets.

However critics have pointed out that Twitter appears to apply its own policies selectivelyincluding its policy of not disclosing information pertaining to individual accounts.

And many Twitter users continue to criticize the company for repeatedly failing to ban abusive users and for allowing its platform to be used to carry out targeted harassment.

The 24 hour boycott was apparently spontaneously organized by a San Francisco based software engineer called Kelly Ellis, after McGowans account was suspended.

Its not clear how many Twitter users are joining in the boycott today. Its not only women getting involved, though; some men have also said they are boycotting Twitter for 24 hours in solidarity with the cause.

Although some women have specified they are not joining in because they prefer not to self-silencesaying they believe its important to make womens voices heard by continuing to speak out.

Some women of color have also said they are not joining inapparently to protest how certain feminist issues (affecting white woman) can demand support from all women, whereas other feminist issues (affecting women of color) are more likely to get overlooked.


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