Properties of electromagnetic waves and Light reflection

From Online Sciences - October 11, 2017

Light is an essential form of energy , The Sun is the most important source of light energy , It is the main natural source , It gives us heat & light , where it provides the green with light energy to carry out photosynthesis process to make their own food , Man depends on plants & animals , which feed on plants , It provides the living organisms with heat energy for warming .

Wave nature of light

Light is an electromagnetic wave and has its own properties .

Properties of electromagnetic waves :

Scientists believe that each wave needs a medium to transfer through , So , both sound and light need a medium to transfer through it , Scientists therefore assume that the space is filled with a medium that transfers the light wave called the ether .

In 1873 , the British scientists James Clerk Maxwell developed his equations according to the previous work of Michael Faraday which proved the connection between the electric field and the magnetic field where vibrations or the movement of charges generate transverse electromagnetic waves .

When Maxwell found that the calculations of the speed of electromagnetic waves are similar to that the speed of light waves , he predicted that the light is a transverse electromagnetic wave .

As , the propagation of electric waves or magnetic waves does not require a materialistic medium , the electromagnetic waves also do not require the existence of a physical medium spread through which led to the abandonment of scientists on the idea of ether .

In their study of physics , physicists divided into two groups which are Isaac Newton and others though that the light was made up of very small particles , Hygens and others though that the light was a wave .

However , modern physics has proven the principle of duel nature of waves , which states that the electromagnetic waves have :

It is clear that the visible light is a limited part of the electromagnetic spectrum .

Properties of light waves are Reflection , Refraction , Interference , Diffraction .

Light reflection


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