Magnetism , Magnet properties , types and uses

From Online Sciences - October 7, 2017

Magnetism is the ability of the magnet to attract magnetic materials , 2000 years ago , the ancient Greeks found a type of black rocks located in an area named Magnesia , This type of rocks has an attraction force to any material made of iron , So , scientists called this black rocknatural magnetand its attraction forcemagnetism.

Types of magnet

Magnets are classified into two types which are natural magnet and artificial magnet , Natural magnet is a black rock , It is one of the iron ores which is known as Magnetite .

Artificial magnet is a magnet made by man , It has different shapes and sizes , Shapes of artificial magnet are horse-shoe magnet , ring magnet , needle magnet and bar magnet .

But , the magnet attracts some materials and does not attract the others , So , the materials are divided into two types according to the ability to be attracted , which are magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials .

Magnetic materials are the materials which are attracted to the magnet , such as iron , nickel , steel and cobalt , Non-magnetic materials are the materials which are not attracted to the magnet , such as chalk , glass , paper , aluminium , copper , wood , leather and plastic .

The magnet attracts metallic paper clips , but does not attract copper wire , because paper clips are magnetic materials , but copper wire is a non-magnetic material , The magnet is used in making the doors of refregirators and the small toys sticking on them .

Properties of magnet

The regions of the magnet which have the most attraction force are the two ends which are called two poles of magnet ,To differentiate between the two poles of magnet , the north pole is often red-coloured , but the south pole is often blue-coloured .

Two poles of magnet ( magnetic poles ) are the areas ( regions ) of the magnet which have the most powerful force of attraction or the areas of the magnet where most of the attraction force ( magnetism ) is concentrated .

When you approach a magnet to some iron nails , the most of them are attracted to the two poles of the magnet , because the attraction force of the magnet is concentrated at the two poles of the magnet .

One pole of the magnet tries to search for the north direction of the Earth , while the other pole tries to search for the south direction of the Earth , Freely suspended ( moving ) magnet always takes a fixed direction , which is north-south direction .

Uses of magnet

Magnetic compass


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