A year with the PAX Labs Juul vaporizer

A year with the PAX Labs Juul vaporizer
From TechCrunch - July 16, 2017

Nicotine vaporizer companies have a bit of a conundrum. While, legally, they cant market themselves as smoking cessation devices, most vapers are current or former cigarette smokers. In fact, the CDC says that fewer than 4 percent people who had never tried traditional cigarettes have ever tried using a vaporizer.

Im a smoker. Its disgusting. I hate it. Ive quit once before and then started up again, and Im currently dedicating myself to quitting one last time. Its one of the most difficult things Ive ever done. And the Juul, in my opinion, is a huge part of that process.

But before we go any deeper, this isnt a review of the Juul against other vaporizers. This is, rather, a review of the Juul vaporizer as I view it now, after a year of using it alongside analog cigarettes and trying desperately to replace them with this little vape.

The Good

As I said, this isnt a comparison of the Juul vs. other vaporizers. Ive tried a few, but none for an extended period of time. That said, as a smoker, the Juul is actually comparable to actual cigarettes in terms of taste and sensation.

Thats because Pax examined the way that smoking cigarettes actually feels, and built the technology around replicating that sensation. The company uses salts found in natural tobacco leaves in the Juul pods to replicate a similar taste/sensation to cigarettes, which makes this one of the best cigarette alternatives Ive personally tried.

In fact, the tobacco flavor leaves (a much cleaner) taste of cigarette in the mouth, which is a nice touch for folks who are looking to switch from real cigs to e-cigs. Juul pods come in a variety of flavors, including mint, mango, creme brle, fruit medley, and, of course, tobacco.

Depending on usage habits, the battery lasts about a day, and takes about an hour to recharge using the USB charger, which is included with the vape and also sold separately for $9.99.

The Juul is slim, easy to fit in a pocket, and isnt quite as conspicuous as other, more heavy-duty vaporizers on the market. It has no physical buttons, but it does have a single LED indicator to tell you whether or not the battery is charged. The pods themselves are easy to change and arent as messy as vaporizers that require you to refill manually.

Plus, Juul Pods have become a bit easier to find. What once was primarily available online only can now be found in the lots of vape shops, as well as a handful of corner stores/bodegas (at least in New York).

Overall, this $50 device has become a mainstay in my pocket.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the Juul isnt as reliable as Id like it to be. Sometimes, in places less metropolitan than New York, it can be a bit difficult to find pods.

And while it doesnt require exhaustive cleaning like some vaporizers do, it can start to malfunction (especially during charging) if the connectors between the Juul and the charger arent clean. For someone trying to quit smoking, it can be truly infuriating to wake up in the morning, Jonesing for that first puff, only to find that the Juul hasnt been charging all night.

The Uncertain


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