Hungry? There's a robot for that at TC Disrupt SF

Hungry? There's a robot for that at TC Disrupt SF
From TechCrunch - July 13, 2017

Robotics has the potential to change the world. From jobs that are difficult or dangerous to do, to jobs that people simply dont want to do, robotics will undoubtedly step in and fill these roles. Two such jobs are the cooking and delivery of some of our favorite comfort foods, burgers and pizzas.

Which is why were thrilled to announce that Miso Robotics and Zume will be joining us at Disrupt SF in September to chat about food tech. Tickets to Disrupt are available now.

Miso Robotics

Miso Robotics is the brains behind the operation, so to speak. The company helps program massive robotic arms inside kitchens to do almost any kind of prep or cooking task. To start, the company has partnered with CaliBurger to build Flippy, a robot that cooks and flips burgers, which is normally a job that involves plenty of grease burns and general discomfort.

While Flippy + CaliBurger is the companys first installment, the potential for this type of programmed kitchen assistant is massive. There are plenty of jobs in a kitchen that are both tedious and dangerous, and Miso aims to fill that role. Interestingly, the company doesnt actually produce and sell the robotics equipment itself, but rather the software that turns a regular old robotic arm into an instant chef.

Miso Robotics CEO and cofounder David Zito will be with us at TC Disrupt SF to talk about how Flippys been working out, whats next for Miso, and the future of food tech.

Zume Pizza

Zume, a company out of Mountain View, CA, is looking to innovate in the pizza space. The company has developed a series of robots that can both prep a pizza, spreading sauce, cheese and toppings evenly, and move that pizza into the oven. Unfortunately, that doesnt solve the real problem. Artisan pizza waits for no man, and even the shortest delivery times can ruin a perfectly delicious pizza.

Thats why Zume is developing a pizza truck, complete with robots, that can actually cook pizzas as it drives around. The idea here is that the Zume truck can store prepped pizzas in the back and head off for a night of delivery, only cooking the pizza once the order is placed and the driver is on the way.


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