AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service's performance issues

AT&T denies refunds for DirecTV Now customers, despite the service's performance issues
From TechCrunch - January 16, 2017

A number of consumers report theyre unable to get a refund for their subscription to AT&Ts recently launched streaming service, DirecTV Nowsomething theyve requested after being unhappy with the new services performance. According to several postings on AT&Ts official forums, customers found the only way to get help was through a hard-to-find chat feature, andwhen they asked the AT&T reps aboutrefunds, the customers were told they were not offered.

Writes one user with the handle EIUdrummerboy, afterattempting to get a refund via chat, the rep told them specifically:

We do not currently have a policy in place to offer any refunds.

Another, who tried to cancel their 7-day free trial was denied a refund even though they cancelled within a week. (The rep told them they had to cancel by 7 PM EST, and the customerwas on central time, making them an hour late).

A third experienced a similarissue, having cancelled within a 6-day period, but found they werestill charged $37.89 for the month. When they hopped on chat to complain, arep told them refunds are not provided.

There are more than a handful of complaints about the inability to get a refund, even though AT&T has marketed DirecTV Now as a cancel anytime, commitment-free type of service. While its true that AT&T will process yourcancellation, it seems you cant get your money back, if dissatisfied.

Because of this, onecustomer gotso fed up, they filed a complaint with the FCC, which didprovide them with a $25 refund after they explained that AT&T wasnt offering refunds, credits or extensions of its service period, despite the services failure to properly function.

Many others have now done the same.

The demand for refunds is due tothe fact that DirecTV Nowhas beenstruggling with performance issues.

Of course, newstreaming services often facestability problems and bugs at first launch while they ramp up network and server capacity to handle an influx of users.( Just ask Sling TV, for example. It was buggy at launch, but later stabilized.)

However, AT&Ts DirecTV Nowwhich was not marketed as being in beta, we should notehas has more than its fair share of problems. The company is aware, as it asked questions about bugs and glitches ina recently emailed customer survey.

Meanwhile, customers postings to AT&Tsuser forumsand social media have beencomplaining about the service freezingandbuffering, app crashes, being automatically logged out, and more. In particular, the issues seem worse in the evenings and on Apple TV, some have stated. (This latter complaint is only anecdotal for now.)


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